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Graduate Accountant

We are looking for a hungry grad to join our finance team for the ultimate finishing school in technology and consumer business.

Why join Eucalyptus?

Job description

Have you been looking at Big 4 Graduate programs and felt that something is not quite right? Like they are looking for footsoldiers first and people second? Would it not be cool to start your career in a place where your initiative makes an impact you can feel?

Well, it's a pleasure to meet you! We are Eucalyptus.

We are a house of brands. A common technology, analytics, and marketing layers that come together with passionate people to solve gnarly consumer experiences. We come from different walks of life but count ex Koala, Canva, Atlassian, McKinsey, Optiver and many others within our team. This is where the challenge is!

You will be joining a Finance Team of 2. Small we know, but we have grown Finance teams to a dozen employees several times and this is the opportunity we are most excited about. Some of the areas that you will touch are

1) Learn how to establish new companies from legal and financial systems perspectives
2) Get exposure to the audit process

3) Oversee bookkeeping and AP functions for multiple brands (unfortunately a bit of grunt work, but we leverage technology here as much as we can)

4) Assist with tax, compliance and end of month processes

5) Help refine our processes as we scale and build the Finance team to cater to the multibrand environment

6) Learn about stock management and fundraising in startup businesses

7) Help with deep-dive analysis if your SQL skills allow

Experience required

There are a few character traits that this job will cater to

It's a graduate role and we don't expect 10-years of experience, but we hope that you would have


How to apply?

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